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MaidPro's franchise fee is $7,900 and includes the price of your base territory. Most other franchisors charge a franchise fee that can total from $30,000 all the way up to $80,000. MaidPro keeps your costs low by dealing directly with you rather than using sub-franchisors or commissioned business consultants. And don't forget to ask about our veterans discount or special incentives if you're already in the residential cleaning business.

MaidPro's royalty fee starts at only 6.5 percent (6.5%) of gross sales and decreases to as low as 3.5 percent (3.5%) as your maid franchise grows. Imagine the savings in comparison to the typical flat seven percent (7%) royalty fee! Of course, these lower operating costs translate into greater profit for you. And, we only bill the royalty fee once per month vs every week.

MaidPro charges a modest one percent (1%) national marketing fee that is directed towards local and national programs. Most other franchises charge a full two percent (2%) or more of gross sales for national marketing, which brings your ongoing fees to nearly 10 percent (10%) of your gross sales. At MaidPro, we think you should be the one who decides where and when you spend your marketing dollars.

No! MaidPro does not mandate our franchisees to purchase cleaning supplies, cleaning tools, uniforms or insurance from us. However, we do make sure everything is available to you. emails to your prospects, current clients and previous clients and allows for personalization and custom campaigns.

Simply put, we're better! MaidPro is still at the size where you can work with the founders as you grow your home cleaning franchise.  We have the highest support to franchisee ratio in our industry.  And, MaidPro was ranked the #1 maid service in Franchise Business Review's Franchisee Satisfaction Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Don't even think of getting that sort of personal attention from a franchisor with hundreds of franchisees. It's not our goal to have the most franchisees. We want fewer, larger franchisees that we can work with on a personal level.

MaidPro has the most creative and effective marketing materials in the industry. And, we don't force you to spend a pre-definded amount of money on marketing, nor do we force you to purchase marketing from us or any particular vendor.  

MaidPro allows you to manage most of your marketing needs through our exclusive intranet site - it takes just minutes to send a direct mail piece to a demographically targeted list, place pre-printed inserts in your local newspaper or order marketing materials like magnets or car wraps.  You can choose from our seasonally updated print materials, or take advantage of our graphic design resources for special projects.

We utilize dedicated, in-house experts to incorporate local search engine optimization (SEO) into our content marketing strategy to drive traffic to franchisees' local webpages so that their cleaning franchise will be visible in consumers' online searches. MaidPro is a leader in digital marketing including pay per click management, directory management and other on-page and off-page strategies.

Additionally, our dedicated marketing consultants and analysts can you help you take a deeper dive into your territory and provide you with a marketing analysis to identify a marketing plan best suited for your area and benchmark your results across the franchise community in order to continuously improve your marketing ROI.

In-depth MaidPro software allows franchisees to manage online advertising campaigns and compare results with the rest of the MaidPro community. Other marketing includes videos, radio and TV spots, banner advertisements and sponsorship programs, just to name a few of the things MaidPro supplies for marketing success.

MaidPro offers every franchisee a multi-week extensive training program that consists of the right mix of at-home training along with hands-on and classroom training right in the MaidPro headquarters. After completion of this program you will feel confident opening the doors of your home cleaning franchise. But our training and support doesn't stop there - you will be assigned to a dedicated "start-up" coach during this training period and for your first months while your office opens.  Youu will also have a set of specialists at your disposal, including the founders, who will begin working with you even before you sign a franchise agreement.

MaidPro offers you personal attention unmatched in our industry. In fact, it's unmatched in most of the franchise world. To that end, there is no "one" way to get support. Certainly you can pick up the phone and call whenever you'd like, but there are also webinars, conventions, online training materials, peer to peer calls and meetings as well as email and IM for those quick questions.

We focus on what's important. Other franchisors spend time selling products and uniforms. Not only does this take their focus away from what they should be doing, it costs you more because they must build in their cost of delivering these ancillary services. At MaidPro, we focus on helping you succeed - and fast. Our Start-Up Consultants help you to get your business up and running in record time. Your dedicated Marketing Consultant helps build customized marketing plans to your territory and makes unique recommendations based on your business' needs. The MaidPro Online Marketing Consultant helps you to get your phone ringing with qualified sales leads and - more importantly - helps you to keep the phone ringing over time so your cleaning service business grows. Even the founders pitch in and actively serve as a MaidPro business coach, meaning you always have direct access to the people who helped to start MaidPro and make it the great success it is today.

By design, MaidPro is the most flexible franchisor in the industry. Make no mistake - this freedom is an integral part of our strategy. Not only have we found this to increase owner satisfaction, it helps give us a competitive edge in each of the local markets we serve. But do understand, there are a number of business processes that are locked down, and for good reason. What we don't do is make requirements for the sake of making requirements

At MaidPro we don't have pre-built territories. We talk with each of our franchisees personally and create an exclusive territory that will help meet their business goals. Along with a detailed review of demographic data in your area, we listen to you about the local nuances. Only after much back and forth do we lock down a territory that fits your objectives.

Most franchisors require you to have an automobile for each team. This just doesn't make good business sense to us. We know just how costly it can be overseeing a fleet of vehicles if it's not right for your territory. Again, here is where MaidPro is more flexible; we only require one company vehicle per office and let you decide if it's in your best interest to purchase more. We make recommendations and let you decide on the rest.

MaidPro does not require you to make your cleaning supply purchases through us. However, we do use our buying power to negotiate the best possible prices from wholesalers and allow you to purchase directly from them with no middleman. As a business owner, you save money that you can then invest in your house cleaning business to grow more quickly. We have everything you need, but the purchasing decisions are yours.

To be honest, we feel it's a waste of our time and your money. We would never waste our franchisees' money becoming a retailer to them. Our goal is to stay focused on improving our systems and support, not building additional revenue streams.

MaidPro offers a complete business management software solution that gives you the power to run your house cleaning business effectively and easily. The software handles estimates and quoting, scheduling, billing, payroll and much more.  

Our software is built in the "cloud" and requires nothing to be installed at your office. You can access our software from an iphone, ipad, Droid, MAC or PC. You can log in from your home, office or while on vacation. It's so easy to use, we can teach it to you in a day. 

But software is only as good as those who use it.  Microsoft Word won't make you a great writer and Adobe Illustrator won't make you a great graphic designer.  What MaidPro is particularly good at is teaching you how to use the software to optimize your business.  Our HelpDesk and Cloud support team is amazing.  And, if needed, we have videos and other training tools so you and your staff can learn in the comfort of your home.

A qualified household is a household with characteristics that have a proven likelihood of using housecleaning services. In general, a household is qualified if the household income is greater than $75,000 per year.

We opened our first office in Boston's historic Beacon Hill in 1991 and began franchising in 1997. Today MaidPro has just over 150 Franchisees in 35 states and Canada.

We are headquartered in Boston, MA. Being located in Boston, we have access to the most highly trained software developers and marketing experts in the country. Many of the country's top universities, including Harvard and MIT, are only blocks away from our office. This location means an extraordinary pool of talent and resources are available to us - all to better assist you.

Come visit us! Based upon our discussion, if we both feel you may be a good match for MaidPro, we will extend an invitation to tour our headquarters. You will meet the MaidPro team, see our facilities, preview our software and marketing materials and get a first hand look into the MaidPro system.