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Industry Advantages

Most people don't realize how good the home cleaning industry truly is. According to a report by American Demographics, the number of households turning to outside help with their house cleaning chores was estimated at about ten percent (10%). This number includes households that ranged from one-time, move-in, move-out or spring cleanings as well as those who had their homes cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year.

In addition to the business model, the industry trends look extremely promising well into the future. Freedonia Group, a market research firm, reports that the U.S. commercial and residential cleaning service industry is a $53.6 billion industry forecasted to continuously grow 4.5 percent (4.5%) annually. Couple that with MaidPro's proven systems and success is really only a question of your own hard work and dedication to the business.

The market for home cleaning franchise services is still largely untapped, leaving considerable opportunity for new franchisees to be part of this growing market. Customers utilizing home cleaning services tend to use them weekly or every other week. As a MaidPro franchisee, you need only to supply great service and your services will continuously be needed, providing you with a steady flow of income. And, since most customers pay at the time of service, you don't have to sit around and wait for invoices to be paid.

Studies have shown that a franchise is more likely to stay in business than an independently owned business. A branded name with proven systems help the franchise stay in business longer and with more strength. By becoming part of a franchise, you have the advantage of increased visibility in the marketplace, the power of group marketing and the support of a dedicated team of people.

As part of MaidPro and a home cleaning franchise, you maintain control over your life - you are your own boss and you maintain your own hours. Additionally, since you are not required to maintain a large inventory or buildout an expensive retail location,  a home cleaning franchise is one of the lowest cost businesses you can open today! With lower costs to begin your business, a path to busienss ownership is at closer than most people think.