MaidPro Team

Ever heard the saying, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life?” Well, that’s exactly what we believe at MaidPro. We want work to be fun because when people love what they do, they do a better job. And while we know how to get down to business, we also believe taking a break and having fun with coworkers creates a better, more productive work environment.

Interested in joining our team? Our Job Openings

Mark Kushinsky
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Richard Sparacio
Co-Founder, President
Christopher Chapman
Chief Operating Officer
James Doyle
Vice President, Marketing
Kay Lynch
Vice President, Human Resources
Katherine Dougherty
Director, National Sales Center
Brett Shraiar
Business Development Manager
Andrea Lallier
Vice President, Technology
Chuck Lynch
Vice President, Planning & Development
Melissa Homer
Chief Cleaning Officer
Hugh Barry
Director of Digital Marketing
Madeleine Park
Marketing Manager | New Brands Specialist
Kate Greene
Marketing Coach
Rodger Jones
Associate Marketing Coach
Tom Lutzy
Talent Acquisition Manager
Martin Abeshaus
Advanced Marketing Services Manager
Michael Bravata
Advanced Marketing Services Specialist
Troy Castillo
Marketing Creative Coordinator
Sara Rutan
Marketing Communications & Brand Governance Coordinator
Ryan Rabideau
Training Manager
Ames Forish
Business Coach
Kevin Shea
Business Coach
Ana Donovan
Business Coach
Emily Estes
Business Coach
Evanna Hines
Associate Business Coach
Liz Cardoso
Associate Business Coach
Kaitlyn McCarthy
Associate Business Training Coach
Alison Salmon
Franchise Developer
Stephanie Salzman
Franchise Developer
Kayla Cina
Office Manager
Michella Gilliam
Office Manager
Ken Louf
Senior Software Engineer
Gregory Lovas
Senior Software Developer
Krishna Puppala
Junior Software Developer
Samantha Tow
Software QA Engineer
Rachael Zerbato
Franchise Support & Application Specialist in Engineering
Kyle Kerr
Senior Franchisee Business Specialist
Ian Hurley
Franchise Training & Support Specialist
Josh Tingley
IT Specialist in Engineering
Anthony Desroches
Darren Nichols
Accounting Manager
Casey DeVeer
Staff Accountant
Roy Ribas
General Manager, MaidPro Boston
Jackie Santos
Assistant Manager, MaidPro Boston
Julie Tran
National Sales Center Manager
Rhett Barbour
National Sales Center Assistant Manager
Stephen Palmer
National Sales Center Team Lead
Jared Cameron
National Sales Center Team Lead
Josh Thibodeau
Senior National Sales Center Representative
Sandra Royston
Senior National Sales Center Representative
Paul Santillian
National Sales Center New Account Representative
Brian Donovan
National Sales Center Support Representative
Sasha Trinh
National Sales Center Support Representative
MaidPro Pup
MaidPro Pup

Current Job Openings

Customer Service and Sales Representative

In this role, you’ll be the first experience a potential customer has with MaidPro. This position entails taking inbound phone and web inquiries about our cleaning services throughout the US and Canada.

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