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Why MaidPro

MaidPro is 100% different in our approach to business and franchising. Read all the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) you'd like. Study all the websites. Talk to all the sales people you need to talk to. In the end, you'll see why a MaidPro house cleaning business is by far the best choice.

MaidPro isn't just different. It's better. We are a business with plans to grow substantially, but while money is a good thing, happiness and enjoying the hours you work each week with co-workers and fellow franchisees is what makes life far more enjoyable. And we do a great job making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Another reason we are better is that we run MaidPro like a software company. In fact, the software developed to run MaidPro was so successful, the founders started a software company that today is one of the largest field service management software in the world. The founders have since sold that software company and have created an even more advanced system dedicated to MaidPro alone. There's nothing else like it and we can't wait to show it to you.

So how does all this make us better and different? Just read the specific examples throughout this site and you'll see why. Maybe it's the straight talk. Maybe it's the fact that we use actual photos of ourselves and not stock photography. Maybe it's because we're open to change and new ideas.  Or maybe it's just because we scrutinize every decision to make sure it's in our franchisees best interests.  

MaidPro provides franchisees with a low-risk, high reward cleaning service business opportunity. Here are just a few things we provide to franchisees to set them up for a flourishing business future (click the below to expand):

Compare our franchise agreement with others and you'll quickly see why they call us a franchisee friendly company. To name just a few examples: we don't force you to spend a certain number of dollars on marketing each month, we won't force you to buy cleaning supplies from us and we won't make you pay your royalties every week when monthly seems more reasonable. We just don't understand why anyone would make their franchisees pay 52 times a year when they can pay monthly. There are hundreds of these little rules and regulations other franchisors seem to love. Not only do we hate them, we think they take away from the entrepreneurial spirit.

No other franchisor allows their franchisees more freedom to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit than MaidPro. As a franchisee, it's important for you to be able to make your own decisions and be competitive in your local market. While we, of course, have our set model and set systems, we know where those systems should begin and end and where we should allow our franchisees the freedom to decide. Take team size for example; Why we would ever dictate how many people you MUST send on a cleaning is beyond us. Our freedom offers franchisees a striking, competitive advantage in their local markets. Not to mention a better entrepreneurial experience.

MaidPro is so technically advanced, in many respects, we actually are a software company. MaidPro's proprietary (that means we are the only ones that have it because we built it ourselves) business management software is truly amazing. The cloud-based system is so simple to use that training takes only a few hours. You can access it from any computer. Want to use a MAC? Go ahead. Want to log in from an iPhone, iPad or Droid. Go ahead. With MaidPro's management system, there's no need to back up your software. There's no installing. There's no upgrading. And, there's no more hiring computer geeks to configure your office computer network. The simple, functional design of the system helps MaidPro franchisees operate a residential cleaning company in a way they couldn't before. Everyone makes the claim of having the best software, but we will prove it. We are so positive that our system is superior that our CEO challenges the CEO of any of the other franchisor to a live, side-by-side comparison. Go ahead, help us see if anyone will take our challenge. We can easily do this with a Gotomeeting web conference. Or, just come for a visit and we can show you in person. You'll love it.

Have you noticed yet how all the other residential cleaning services look alike? MaidPro is unique and we view each office as unique too. We work with each franchisee individually to deliver exceptional results on an office-by-office basis. We scour your database and find little secrets that will help you to improve your marketing results. We have an exceedingly clear vision of the people who form our target market. We strive constantly to understand how they live, what makes them happy and what concerns them the most. Our marketing content is carefully crafted to connect with potential customers on emotional, intellectual and social levels. With our proximity to some of the world's greatest talent pools (Boston and New York), we offer contemporary, fun and creative designs, unique marketing content and expertise across all channels, both online and off.

At MaidPro, we don't have one-size-fits-all support for your maid franchise. No two people are alike and that certainly holds true at MaidPro. Some of our franchisees want to speak to us three to four times a week, join all webinars or email with their primary consultant on a frequent basis. Other franchisees only wish to speak to us during their goal setting strategy meetings or monthly check-ins. Some franchisees want to be involved with new ideas and others are ok waiting until they've been tested.  Our objective is to let your entrepreneurial drive do just that - drive. Regardless of your preference for correspondence with the MaidPro Home Office, we are continuously analyzing data, reviewing key operational metrics and establishing best practices for your office's exploitation. All best practices are accessible on the MaidPro intranet, while the Home Office is ready to work with you as often as you need on a one-on-one basis. MaidPro supports franchisee success at every stage of their business and at a frequency and depth that you'll be comfortable with.

It sounds strange but it's true. We have fewer requirements, fewer demands and less overall nonsense. There is no doubt that MaidPro stands out because of our efficiency. At MaidPro, we don't waste time and money, yours or ours. We focus on what's efficient and what works. For example, we don't spend our time selling cleaning supplies. While we have recommended vendors for this, we would never waste our precious time on something as rudimentary as selling cleaning supplies.  We keep our software and operations simple too.  We hate busy work.  We hate unecessary clicks.  But we love to hear our franchisees ideas on how to make things easier.  See, less hassle can give you more time.

Becoming a MaidPro franchisee gives you the power to take control of your financial future while providing a valuable service to your residential community. MaidPro is, by far, the most franchisee friendly, technologically advanced, operationally efficient and marketing driven franchisor in cleaning. Now is the time to join our winning team and become established within the ever-expanding house cleaning industry.

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