Cost Comparison

Keeping Costs Down While Offering You More

As you compare MaidPro with the typical house cleaning franchise—and other industries—you'll start to notice a few things. Our fees are usually lower. We tend to do more with less. We get creative vs. just spend a bunch of money. In short, we offer you more for each of your dollars.

MaidPro vs. Other Cleaning Franchises and Industries*

Franchise Fee
Royalty Fees
Marketing Fees National
Franchise Fee $45,000
Royalty Fees 6%
National Marketing Fees 2%
Equipment $5,650 - $7,650
Other Cleaning Franchises
Franchise Fee $25,000 - $65,000
Royalty Fees 7% Flat
National Marketing Fees 2%
Equipment $10,000
Quick Service Restaurants
Franchise Fee $25,000
Royalty Fees 10%
National Marketing Fees 5%
Equipment $150,000
Ice Cream / Yogurt Shops
Franchise Fee $20,000
Royalty Fees 7%
National Marketing Fees 5%
Equipment $50,000
Health Club / Gym
Franchise Fee $25,000
Royalty Fees 12%
National Marketing Fees 3%
Equipment $75,000
Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty Fees 8%
National Marketing Fees 5%
Equipment $100,000

* Aggregated using industry FDD's

I see opportunities everywhere and plan to open up more locations in different parts of the country.

Jesse ZookMaidPro FranchiseeCollegeville, PA

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How Much to Start Your Own Franchise

We understand there's many ways to start a business. Everyone is different, whether it's their experience level, their goals, or their finances. We're interested in individuals with good sense, a great work ethic, and ambition. It does take a real financial investment to start a franchise. Please see below for the initial startup costs for your first MaidPro location.

  Initial Franchise Fee Additional Working Capital Total Estimated Initial Investment*
CostInvestment Initial Franchise Fee$45,000 Additional Working Capital$60,560 to $85,800 Total Estimated Initial Investment*$105,560 to $130,800

MaidPro allowed me to convert my company with much lower fees than I ever expected.

Ashlee SmithMaidPro FranchiseeMadison, Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, and Harvest, AL

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Where Your Initial Investment Goes

There's often confusion about where all that upfront money will go. Many people think the bulk of their investment is paid directly to the franchisor. Not with MaidPro. This MaidPro inspired chart breaks down your initial investment among the various expenses you'll having during your first three months in business.

Sources for Your Investment

Your investment capital doesn't have to come from a single source. We can guide you through different funding opportunities, including financial assistance from us. These are the most commons funding sources our owners have used for their initial investment.

Cash & Savings

Over half of the individuals that join MaidPro use cash and savings to cover their start-up investment. Some sell a few stocks or liquidate CD's. Others get help from family members. This is the most simple source for investments.

401k Rollover

10-20% of new MaidPro owners use an IRS program to rollover some of all of their 401k funds for business start-up financing, without triggering taxes or early-distribution penalties.

Business Financing

Many new owners obtain loans to support their initial start-up investment. Our staff can help you with securing SBA loans or we may even be able to provide some direct financing for qualified franchisees.

We invested some of our retirement savings and felt with the help of the MaidPro team, we could succeed.

Bill & Marilyn CollierMaidPro FranchiseesBirmingham, AL

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