Why MaidPro?

Franchisee Friendly & Franchisee Flexible

MaidPro is 100% different in our approach to business and franchising. Read all the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) you’d like. Study all the websites. Talk to all the sales people you need to talk to. In the end, you’ll see why a MaidPro home cleaning business is by far the best choice.

Friendly is as Friendly Does

Compare us with other franchisors and you'll quickly see why they call us a franchisee friendly company. There are hundreds of these little rules other franchisors seem to love. Not only do we hate them, we think they take away from the entrepreneurial spirit. Here's just a few of the ways MaidPro makes owning a franchise with us a great experience.

Minimal required marketing spend

Most other franchisors legally bind you with a large required monthly marketing spend. They'll say they know best. At MaidPro, we will highly recommend a marketing budget, but we only require a small, affordable amount. This is just one of those little details where you can judge if a franchisor is exerting too much control.

No "weekly" royalty fees

We're not really sure why almost every franchisor requires weekly payments when virtually no other businesses do that. No one wants to pay royalties 52 times a year. We invoice monthly which allows for easier management of cash flow. At MaidPro, we send our invoices out after the end of the month allowing you a full month to pay. Seems like the more friendly way to do things, right?

The folks at MaidPro are no-nonsense. They're a bunch of cool people that let me be the entrepreneur I want to be.

Ashlee SmithMaidPro FranchiseeMadison, Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, and Harvest, AL

Ashlee's story

Flexible in Every Way

No other franchisor allows their franchisees more freedom to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit than MaidPro. As a franchisee, it's important for you to be able to make your own decisions and be competitive in your local market. While we, of course, have our set model and set systems, we know where those systems should begin and end and where we should allow our franchisees the freedom to decide. Here are some examples.

Flexible Team Size

We would never dictate how many people you send on each cleaning. It's your business, you decide. This is a great little example of how franchisors slowly but surely take little decisions away from their franchise owners when there's really no reason to do so.

You Must Purchase This. Not.

We've heard rumors that some franchisors require their franchisees to purchase certain cleaning supplies and marketing materials from "required" vendors, or worse, the franchisor themselves. Hey, if being controlled is your thing, that's up to you. At MaidPro, buy your supplies from whomever you'd like. Wow...kinda like you own your own business.

Company Owned Vehicles

Company owned vehicles can be great for marketing—but they come at a huge cost. We know that. At MaidPro we only require one and leave the remaining purchase decisions up to you. If you want to be forced into paying for a fleet of vehicles, there are plenty of other franchisors that enjoy exerting that much control.

They give me great advice. But in the end, I make my own decisions.

Shawn CrenshawMaidPro FranchiseeCleveland, TN

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Tools to Help You Succeed

From our years of experience, we've put together tools that make running a home cleaning business much simpler. No other franchisor in our industry comes close to providing you with such sophisticated technology and a well designed and executed brand.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology

We built our very own cloud-based (so you can access it online from any computer or smart-phone) management system. It’s fantastic, easy-to-use, and makes managing all aspects of your business so much simpler. Scheduling, customer history, payments and billing, all of it is controlled by you, at home, in the office, or on the road. No other company has a tool built this well. Heck, it’s so advanced you could call us a software company.

Screen from our cloud-based system to completely control your business

Hip to Marketing

MaidPro has an incredibly strong marketing position. Unique to the MaidPro name is “PRO” for professional. We even call our house cleaners PRO’s. When consumers want to hire a professional home cleaner, MaidPro is the only PRO by name. Our marketing is carefully crafted to connect our position with the consumer on both an emotional and intellectual level. The MaidPro brand is always current and fun.

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MaidPro University

Our training program, MaidPro University—or MPU as we like to call it—helps owners train their PRO's professionally and easily. MPU is a full learning management system (LMS) that teaches, asks questions and requires correct answers. Our training covers cross contamination, proper use of cleaning supplies and how to work around pets...just to name a few of the 20+ courses.

MaidPro online university training your staff (and you!)

Recruiting Staff

It's hard to find good staff. We know that. So we've put together a set of amazing tools to help you fill positions with the best people. MaidPro has a dedicated recruiting website with videos and easy ways for staff to apply. We will also show you how to interview, what to look for, what to beware of, and how to round out your business with individuals ready to do their best work.


Watch our recruitment video

National Sales Center

Seven days a week and with extended hours, our National Sales Center is staffed with MaidPro professionals to answer prospective customer calls, providing details on pricing, services, and schedules. With our Sales Center, if you're away at your kid's soccer game or on a little get-away or just closed for the day, our team is there to support you and your business.

You have sales support seven days a week

Support Tailored Just for You

MaidPro’s Home Office staff is committed to the happiness and success of our franchise owners. We believe in personalized support, tailored to each owner’s goals and needs. No one-size-fits-all here. Some owners like to chat with their coach each week while others prefer every month or two. We have Webinars almost every day and owners are free to attend as they wish. Whether it's asking questions or posting answers in our very active discussion forum, voting on your favorite ideas in our ideas forum or gather in person at a convention, adventure retreat or office visit, you choose how you'd like to receive support from us.

We knew we would have the help we needed to get our business off the ground.

Bill & Marilyn CollierMaidPro FranchiseesBirmingham, AL

Bill & Marilyn's story

Culture isn't Corporate Jargon with Us.

There are a number of things that make MaidPro great, but most importantly, it’s our family-oriented atmosphere. No one here is a cog in the machine and we value each person as a person, not a line-item. This means we want everyone, from CEO to the cleaning team, to treat each other with respect, to be a good listener, to show care, and—very importantly—have fun! When you own a business, you need to take time to let off steam, as well as give something back.

I could quickly tell the difference between MaidPro and other companies—their commitment to their franchisees, the technology integration, flexibility of marketing, and most importantly, good, good people.

Lily CarsonMaidPro FranchiseeChesapeake, VA

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MaidPro is Top-Ranked in the Industry

Check around and you’ll find us at the top of lists throughout the industry. We’re very proud of this. These are a few of our recognitions.

Ranked Top Ten for Best Franchises to Buy, 2024
Top Low-Cost Franchise
Top Maid Service
Top 50
Best Places to Work

If you want to make it more difficult for your competitors to understand where you are heading or to copy you, choose not to categorize yourself within standard industry bounds. Study and seek to internalize the strategic dynamic that outthinkers like Google, Apple and MaidPro do.

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