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I see opportunities everywhere and plan to open up more locations in different parts of the country.

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Philadelphia is a great city to ponder “how do I start a house cleaning business” in. The latest economic reports show that Philadelphia is growing at a faster pace than the U.S. average. Industry sectors such as education/colleges and universities, banking, professional sports teams and health care are booming. In fact, Philadelphia has over 80 four year colleges & universities which keeps the population of the city continually growing.

With such a solid residential base and a very high average household income, house cleaning is a big opportunity. There are typically two “how to” options; the first is to start your own company and the other option is to purchase a cleaning franchise.

Currently, existing MaidPro house cleaning franchises serve a small percentage of the city. That leaves great opportunity to get into the cleaning business.

Thinking about how to start a house cleaning business in Philadelphia?

We even have established house cleaning franchises in Philadelphia. This is an advantage because there is already a brand and presence in Philadelphia. You won’t be the new kid on the block.

If this is your first time owning a business, or franchise business in Philadelphia, here is a step by step how to guide.

It's time to start a business that's right for you

We're here to answer all your questions and show you the fantastic benefits of a MaidPro franchise.

"The best part of our role at MaidPro is hearing owners tell us how in control of their lives they are."

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It’s time to start a business that’s right for you

We’re here to answer all your questions and show you the fantastic benefits of a MaidPro franchise.