Apartment Therapy Elicits MaidPro's Advice

July 28, 2017

MaidPro was recently featured by Apartment Therapy in their 2017 summer article, What Professional Home Cleaners Wish You Knew. Check out the article to learn more about how to get a great home cleaning and be a considerate client.

Want to hear what MaidPro's Chief Cleaning Officer, Melissa Homer, had to say?

"Anyone can give you an amazing clean once—consistency is what separates the best companies from the riff raff. If you want to know if your cleaning company knows what they are doing, ask them what training procedures they have in place to ensure consistent cleaning quality, and what tools are at [their] disposal to alert them to inconsistent service? If they just stammer and tell you 'we hire only the best' then hang up and move on. Even the best cleaners can have an off day with a cold coming on, so if they don't have thorough training procedures and customer notes systems in place, they're just hoping you don't look too close at your house.

In house cleaning, clean is an emotional decision, not a quantitative fact. What feels clean to each person is made up of a lifetime of regional, cultural, and family experiences, so stop treating your personal pet peeves like cleaning gospel. When you hire a cleaner, be ready to offer honest feedback about what feels clean to you, but try to keep the judgment out of your requests and remember that having different pet peeves than your cleaner doesn't make them bad at cleaning. Being a cleaner is like being a personal chef, where some customers like their food spicy and others can barely stand a sprinkle of salt. Getting to know what makes your clients feel clean is a process that takes honest communication and mutual respect and trust. Don't expect your cleaner to be psychic and remember that your personal tastes are just that, personal."

Anyone can give you an amazing clean once—consistency is what separates the best companies from the riff raff.

Melissa Homer, MaidPro Chief Cleaning Officer

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