MaidPro Manager Wins MegaMillions Then Buys the Franchise

December 05, 2018

In July of 2018, Alicia and Chris Kish purchased tickets for the MegaMillions lottery game…and won. After the winning numbers were announced, they had no idea of their good fortune until Chris heard someone from their town had won and only found out it was them after asking a cashier to read off the winning numbers.

Alicia, a manager for MaidPro Maple Grove in Minnesota, was at work when Chris called with the good news. Alicia immediately ran out to the Kish’s car to sort through the tickets and, sure enough, found the winning ticket. When they cashed it in, the Kish’s walked away $1 million dollars richer.

Guess What Happened Next?

Alicia had worked as a MaidPro manager for 12 years and she and her husband had been saving so they could buy a MaidPro of their own. Winning MegaMillions didn’t change that dream but did help the couple to make it a reality sooner than expected. With Alicia’s background as a MaidPro manager, the Kishs were able to invest their winnings in opening a MaidPro office of their own.

The Kishs are now the proud owners of MaidPro Andover in Blaine, Minnesota. They will be opening their doors in the coming months and look forward to helping their community shine.

Congratulations Alicia and Chris on Your Big Win and Your New Business Venture!

While winning the lottery certainly doesn’t hurt, you don’t have to win the lottery to be your own boss with MaidPro. We have one of the most affordable franchise brands available. Contact MaidPro Franchise to learn more at

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